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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sweaters and cardigan from Forever 21 and H&M

Welcome to the redesign of Afloria! If you haven't already noticed, I finally have my own domain name, thanks to Ellie and Artifact Girl :)

Other than that I haven't made many drastic changes, but I feel much more excited and eager to get these posts rolling. For the month of November, I'm planning to post at least every Monday and Friday! (The only exception was today because of technical difficulties.) So keep your eyes peeled for those :) I know you're thinking, "Is she for real? She tried that last time and failed miserably so I'm leaving bye." Hold up, hold up. Yes, I am a very inconsistent blogger. But I spent this "hiatus" planning the entire month so I am PREPARED!

Okay, enough of that. Onward to sweaters!

Fall is my favorite season because I LOVE SWEATERS. Specifically the type of sweaters that cover my butt and crotch so I don't have to wear jeans. (Nobody really likes wearing jeans. Really.) Because I'm trying to stay away from buying more black clothing, I picked up that first navy sweater and let me tell you, it looks really nice against my red hair. I'm going to have to try more navy-colored items.

My go-to fall outfit will always be a sweater, black leggings and combat boots. If you see me on the streets, I'll be wearing this combination 99% of the time. And if I'm feeling it, I'll also throw in a necklace.

What is your number one favorite thing to wear in the fall?


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