Divergent: Movie Thoughts & Discussion (Part II)

Monday, March 24, 2014

First of all, I would like to note that this thoughts and discussion post is my comparison of the movie to the books and how well it performed according to the way the different themes were presented. It is not a critique of what they changed or added (although I may mention some). The point of this post is to start a discussion :)

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If you haven't seen the movie or read Divergent, please proceed with caution! (You can also redirect yourself to a spoiler-free review here.)

To make this short and sweet, I've divided my thoughts up into six different sections. Here we go!

Although they did show the parts of the test where Tris has to choose between a knife and cheese (which, in the movie, was a slab of meat — but that makes more sense) and chase a dog to save a little girl, I was a little disappointed that they didn't show her on the bus answering the man's question. For someone who hasn't read the book, it would make sense to show the whole test because it visually explains how Tris fits and doesn't fit in each faction. Also, did Tori explain why Tris displayed an aptitude in Abnegation, Dauntless and Erudite in the movie? I discussed this with my boyfriend and he said she did, but I don't remember hearing that part.

This was just plain LAME. They could have definitely made this more intense and scary!

Jai Courtney is too good-looking to play Eric.

I had really hoped for Peter to be seen as someone evil and messed up. I don't care that they left out the scene when he stabbed Edward in the eye, but I really didn't like how he was shown as a "funny jerk" in the movie.


One of the saddest moments in Allegiant, aside from a certain person's death, is when Peter wants to take the memory serum so he can forget everything he's done. When I read that, my heart did a 180 for him. I no longer disliked him but, instead, had sympathy for him. The only reason I felt this way about him was because I saw his growth from the beginning when he was mean and cold-hearted, to becoming a nicer human being by saving Tris (although he did it to "repay" her back, which we won't get into right now ...) I might be taking this a little overboard because I really loved this part of Allegiant

Christina helping Tris up onto the train after leaving the Choosing Ceremony — this would have been a great introduction to their friendship.

The fear landscapes, the Capture the Flag scene and seeing the Dauntless be crazy :)

What did you think about the movie? Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Great points about the movie! Overall, I really enjoyed it! It was exciting and emotional and just plain fun to watch! I also wish the chasm scene had been more intense since that part really stuck in my mind from the book, and I wanted Peter to be more mean as well! I think stabbing someone in the eye would've shown how cruel he could be, but maybe they ran out of time since it was already a long movie!

    1. I do agree that they should have added the part where Peter stabs Edward in the eye. Even though they had the scene where him, Drew and Al try to throw Tris off the chasm, I don't think we were able to tell it was Peter! And we only knew it was Al because he apologized :(