The Weekend Line-Up #1: Winterspell, The Mindy Project, and Taylor Swift

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Weekend Line-Up is a mashup of all the things I plan to do during my upcoming weekend. This feature will pop up randomly, like that top in your closet you forgot you bought a month ago.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, GUYS! I don't normally dress up or go out for this occasion (note: I'm a grandma) but I'll be attending my church's Fall Festival tonight and dressing up as a mime with one of my housemates. We wanted something we could pull out of our closets, so this was perfect. I don't think we'll be doing a full face of makeup though, that might be a bit too scary.

Since I haven't been reading much nowadays, I thought I'd share what I'm planning (because when you use the word "planning," it makes people think it's gonna happen) to read ... and watch, listen to, etc. Anything that falls under the category of entertainment will be added to these lists :)

Winterspell by Claire Legrand
I planned to read this with Rachel from Paper Cuts and finish by November 1st, but I haven't even looked at the first page yet. I guess this is what happens when it's your last semester in school ... I'm hoping to at least start the book tonight, but knowing that I have a six-page paper due on Tuesday makes me want to pull my hair out. It's not that I don't want to read this—I'm actually itching to dive into the story—but I have a ton of other things that take priority over reading for fun. How do (or did?) you balance school while finding time to read?

The Mindy Project
Season three just started last month in September and I'll be the first to admit it has reached "that point" in the story where things start heading downhill. I don't like the Mindy and Danny relationship because they were so much better as FRIENDS. But there's just something about the quirky characters and awkward moments that keep me watching. I can't help it!

Taylor Swift's "1989"
I have loved Taylor since listening to Teardrops on My Guitar back in 2006 and yes, I still love her even though she's moved away from the country sound and toward pop. I think she's still true to herself, which makes me very happy. Either way, I will listen to anything she sings or writes. From first impressions, my favorites from "1989" are How You Get The Girl, Style, I Wish You Would, and Blank Space. I can't wait until she starts her tour!


What are your plans for the weekend? Will you be dressing up for Halloween tonight?
Are there any newly released albums you're playing over and over again?


  1. Hehehehe, I never touched Winterspell either!! :D

    The Mindy Project is one of my favorite shows! You don't like Mindy and Danny together? Admittedly, I miss some of their interactions, since they're different now that they're together. But, I loooove them, anyways. :) I don't like this season as much as the second, though. Hopefully it'll go the way of New Girl and get way better next season!

  2. I am now a FREE woman (no more school!!!) so I'm still up (or down?) for reading Winterspell if you have time! YES, THE MINDY PROJECT. I don't mind them as a couple, I just like their relationship better as friends. I've been trying to catch up with New Girl! I just finished season three on Netflix :p