Book Review → These Broken Stars by Amy Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

Friday, October 9, 2015

by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

Young Adult Fiction // Categories: Science Fiction, Romance
Release Date: December 10, 2013
Publisher: Hyperion (Disney Book Group)
Format: Hardcover • 374 pages
Rating: 4 stars

This cover is basically the reason I bought this book, and I am not embarrassed by that fact. It is plain beautiful and shows that it takes place in space, one of my favorite story settings. (Also, shout out to the designer because the girl actually matches the description of Lilac LaRoux. Red hair, green dress!)

After Tarver Merendsen, a war hero, and Lilac LaRoux, the daughter of the richest man in the universe, are thrown out of space, they miraculously land on an unknown planet and must work together to survive and make it back home.

These Broken Stars was pretty slow in pace, but not at all boring. The mystery of it all—Where did Tarver and Lilac land? Who will they encounter? Will both survive?—kept things interesting and stopped me from putting the book down. Right from the start I had so many questions I wanted answers to, but each chapter revealed information so slowly that I NEEDED to continue reading to find out just what the heck was going on.

I also loved how the bits and pieces of the interrogation before each chapter added a different dimension to the story. It was a bit deceiving at times (and I will admit that I got impatient and skipped ahead twice!)

Tarver is a great guy—he loves his family, and is willing to take care of Lilac no matter how much she opposes him. And Lilac, oh how much she changed throughout the story. We’re talking about the girl who refused to take off her heels to walk around and would rather get BLISTERS than admit her life has been turned upside down. Being away from the glitz and the glam transformed her into a totally different person.

I like Tarver and Lilac individually, but don’t really care for them together. My brain is telling me I should be rooting for them, especially because society says they shouldn’t end up together, but my heart is telling me NO. I just couldn’t see the chemistry :(

A lot of strange things happened. Like OUT OF THIS WORLD strange. There is legit science fiction stuff happening in this one. The ending was really creepy (I was not expecting that!) and it also left me unsatisfied. The "mystery" was no longer a mystery, but the big reveal left me with a bunch of new questions. I AM TOO CURIOUS.


If you read These Broken Stars, what are your feelings toward Tarver and Lilac? What did you think about the ending? Will you read (or have you read) This Shattered World, the companion novel?


  1. I really loved this book and its sequel! I'm getting really sad about the last book releasing at the end of this year. I think this genre of sci-fi isn't too prevalent in YA right now, but it's one of my favorites and I'd love to see more.

  2. I really enjoyed this book! For one, I really liked the plot and "survival" aspect of this book but I definitely enjoyed the characters a lot more. Lilac's character development was absolutely awesome. Really enjoyed Tarver's story and his past as well. The friendship between these two was really nice and I love how over time they started to get used to each other. (Yes, the scientific part of this book was weird I agree with you there...) Great review!

    ~Kaitlin @ Next Page Please!