Tuesday, January 5, 2016

6 Bookish + Blogging Goals for 2016

If you know anything about me, you'll know that keeping resolutions is the number one thing I cannot do. I think I've finally realized it's probably because I don't go much into detail about exactly what it is I want to accomplish. So today, I've come up with six solid goals that are realistic and achievable. Here's to hoping this year is different!

1. Read 70 books from my shelf.
I've been back and forth so many times about setting a number vs. just reading as little or as much as I want, but my boyfriend has recently agreed to read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss with me if I commit to finishing 70 of the unread books on my shelf this year. He doesn't read at all, so this is something I'm going to have to say yes to!

2. Choose books I am 100% interested in.
Even though I've set a number goal, I still want to be selective with what I read. There is a lot of pressure to read popular books, newly-released books, debut books, etc. but I would like to ignore it and simply enjoy what I pick up. After all, isn't that the point of reading?

3. Continue to document what I read in my book journal.
I love to keep track of my favorite quotes and passages for the books I read, and this year will be no different. I'd like to add something new though — when I complete each book, I want to jot down my immediate reactions.

4. Review every book I read.
Whether it's a post on this blog or just a couple of sentences on Goodreads, I want to make sure I'm sharing my opinion and not just providing a star rating. I have issues explaining how I feel, so I want to challenge myself to think and write more.

5. Refrain from participating in reading challenges.
This one may sound a little weird, but I know my reading habits. There are a lot of books I want to read (I'm sure you feel the same way) and I want to keep my options open. I think this would be fun for me in the future, but it would be way too stressful for me right now :(

6. Start a favorites page.
I've read a good amount of books in the past two years, so I want to share the ones I especially love. I've been playing around with the formatting, but I'm not sure how I would like to present it yet!

So there are my goals! Now I'd like to know — what is one bookish/blogging resolution you want to focus on this year, and what are the steps you will take to achieve it?

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