Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March 2016 Recap — A new job, the start of some excellent comic series, and Grant Gustin

I'm really happy to say that this year is starting to look up! I accepted a job as a receptionist at a dental office in the middle of March, and things are going very well so far. Patients are nice for the most part + everything is manageable, despite my lacking ability to multi-task :p

Other highlights in March: sharing multiple meals with friends I haven't seen in ages + watching Batman vs. Superman with a bunch of friends from church who are also DC fans!

Books and pages read in March: 3 // 1,116 pages
Books and pages read in 2016: 16 // 5,015 pages

I FINALLY FINISHED WALK ON EARTH A STRANGER. I started this one in July while I was in New York City, but I flew back home when I was in the middle of it ... and never looked at it again until this month. It was hard to get back into it because I was stopped during a slow scene, but it was good. Looking back, I am surprised that Rae Carson fit so much in a desolate setting.

SHIELD, Vol. 1: Perfect Bullets by Mark Waid
I 100% picked this up because I love the television series (Agents of SHIELD) but it just seemed all over the place — mini episodes, I guess you can say? It was hard to figure out what was going on, so if you want to pick this up ... just read issues two (MS. MARVEL!) and four.

Amulet, Book 7: Firelight by Kazu Kibuishi
I have been waiting a year for this to arrive and, to no surprise, I liked it! The art is beautiful (as always) + things that happen in this volume take the story in a different direction. It didn't reveal as much as I hoped it would, but the series as a whole is excellent!

Saga, Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
WOW THIS SERIES IS SO GOOD. I really didn't know what to expect! It's a little too explicit for my taste, but I have to say it's one of the best (if not THE best) storylines I've ever read in a comic series. Loved: the little bits of commentary by Alana and Marko's child, the outlandish characters, and the pacing of the story.

  • Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin is the book we're reading and discussing in my women's mentoring group this year. Feminine Threads by Diana Lynn Severance was recommended to us, but it was optional (so of course I picked it up too!) 
  • Anything Rainbow Rowell writes - even if it's a short story - will be in my shopping cart the day it's available. Kindred Spirits is about a girl who waits in line four days before the new Star Wars movie comes out, hoping to celebrate with other fans.
  • The Winner's Kiss by Marie Rutkoski, the first book I have ever pre-ordered, is finally out and of course I have only read the first chapter. If I haven't finished it by the next recap post, please yell at me.

  • Noosa yoghurt — A cute little snack that comes in a variety of different flavors :)
  • Kelly Purkey stamps — If you're into scrapbooking, you *need* to check out Kelly's collection. I use the reading planner stamps in my calendar book from time to time, and it spices things up!
  • A Novel Chat — New podcast for readers, hello!
  • Grant Gustin — I have officially developed an unhealthy obsession with this beautiful person. After his introduction as Barry Allen on Arrow, I cannot stop watching videos of him. I am seriously considering re-watching Glee just to see him sing. Please send me all the GIFs.
Your turn! What was the best book you read in March? Did you buy any new books? Have you read any good comic/graphic novels series lately? What are you looking forward to in April?


  1. I LOVE Grant Gustin! #bae *heart eyes emoji* I didn't realize that was him from Glee until it kept nagging me, and then I was like I can't believe that was him. But alas it was.

  2. I'm with you on the Grant Gustin love! He's awesome as The Flash, and I seriously have to watch the past seasons of that show so I'm completely caught up. What a charming guy ;) Congratulations on the new job!

  3. Literally just started reading The Winner's Kiss this morning and I'm already hooked! This series is so good! My brother has read a few volumes of Saga and loves it, so I think I need to steal his copies!