Wednesday, June 1, 2016

April + May 2016 Recap: Lake Tahoe, The Flash + The Last Five Years

To everyone who still reads amarisafloria: I have accepted the fact that this blog is all over the place (as is my life) but I still want to share what I can!

  • Weekend trip to Lake Tahoe with the fam — the first trip my whole family has gone on together since 2005. Ten whole years ago, can you believe it? We weren't able to go snowboarding, but it was still a good time barbecuing, playing pool, hanging out at the lake (it was BEAUTIFUL) and eating as much sushi as possible.
  • I GOT BAPTIZED! — I've been meaning to for ages now, but haven't had the right opportunity until now. I'm really thankful for all the friends who came to support me, and I am very happy to have had the chance to share my testimony with everyone.
  • My baby brother graduated from high school! — he's really not a baby anymore, but it's so strange to think that he'll be going to college in the fall ...

Books and pages read in April and May: 6 // 2,122 pages
Books and pages read in 2016: 22 // 7,137 pages

Faith #1 and #2 by Jody Houser
I really love that Faith isn't your typical pretty girl hero with boobs. It was an OKAY first issue — there's a bit of mystery as to why she left her old team, and it ends with a boom. But we don't get to see her fight (which I was looking forward to) and the reason she had to encounter these perps was kinda lame. Also, the eyes for the characters were CREEPY. Second issue: nothing much happened, which I am really disappointed about :(

The Flash, Vol. 1: Move Forward by Francis Manapul
The art was cool (I LOVED the introduction pages for each issue) but the story was so-so and not memorable at all. It pains me to say that, especially because I *love* the television show ... BUT! I heard Geoff Johns' run is excellent, so I'm going to give it a try — issues #164-176, if you're interested.

The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 2: A Troubled Mind by Dan Slott
Much better than volume one, mainly because it was more about the Avengers trying to figure out what was going on with Spider-Man and less about Doc Ock's personal life. I guess I'm just not a fan of him?

  • CWTV's The Flash — SUCH A GOOD SHOW.
  • After finding a video of Grant Gustin singing If I Didn't Believe in You, I watched the movie version of The Last Five Years (Anna Kendrick + Jeremy Jordan) on Netflix and LOVED it. Which, considering the topic, is very strange. The story is told in the two perspectives of a couple who spends five years together. What makes it interesting is that Jamie's is told from beginning to end and Cathy's from end to beginning. The songs are incredibly powerful and heartbreaking. Favorite songs from the soundtrack: Still Hurting, See I'm Smiling, Nobody Needs to Know, and, of course, If I Didn't Believe in You.
  • Other songs that have been on repeat all month long: Heartbeat by Carrie Underwood, Break Up in a Small Town by Sam Hunt, Work ft. Drake (R3hab Remix) by Rhianna.
Okay, how many of you guys watch The Flash? WE NEED TO DISCUSS. Which books are you looking forward to reading in June? What type of comics are you in the middle of right now?

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  1. Lake Tahoe sounds like it was so much fun! And congratulations on getting baptized - that's seriously awesome :) I have yet to actually watch The Flash, but I certainly plan to this summer!