4 Bookish + Blogging Goals for 2017

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy New Year, friends! I can't believe it's already the beginning of another year ... time is going by too quickly. I always feel like I have so much to do, rushing from one thing to the next. This year, I want to slow down and BREATHE. It's okay if I don't complete every single thing on my to-do list. It's okay if I skip a day of reading. It's okay if I need to potato. (More on that later.) To keep things simple, I've decided to only focus on four goals. I hope to include updates during each seasonal recap in the future!

This year, I would like to ...

Average one book a week, not including comics/graphic novels.
This one is a stretch, especially since I only read 36 books in 2016. (I worked full-time for almost the entire year, so finding time to read was tough.) However, I really want to challenge myself this year. Instead of being a potato all the time, I want to reach for a book. Note: there is NOTHING wrong with being a potato. In fact, I highly recommend it on days you are burnt out. I potato'ed yesterday night and I'm feeling extra energized today. Being a potato is exactly why this post made it to your screen today :)

Start a new feature or two on this blog!
I've had a lot of ideas tucked away in my little brain, but following through with any of them has been difficult. It'll take hours of planning but I know it will stretch my creativity, and that is something I need this year.

Tidy up this blog.
I'VE SAID IT. I know amarisafloria is a total mess—my "reviews" list isn't updated, my "about" page is outdated, and my features don't have a main hub. I have neglected my place on the internet for a long time. Now to figure out where to start ...

Fulfill the #RockMyTBR and POPSUGAR reading challenges.
I am committing to two challenges this year! It's a little strange since I decided to stay away from challenges in 2016, but my reading habits didn't change. So this year, I'm going big. Kinda.

For me, the purpose of the #RockMyTBR challenge, hosted by Sarah K. at The Book Traveler, will be to lower the amount of books I own but have not read. There are currently 211 unread books on my shelf (I KNOW ... I AM SO EMBARRASSED) and my goal is to read 61 books. This means that I want my TBR pile (TBR meaning "to be read") to be no more than 150 books by 2018. One day, it will be zero. Hopefully. But for now, I will be happy with 150!

To spice things up a tiny bit, I am pairing the books I own with a corresponding task in the POPSUGAR reading challenge. If you're interested in seeing my possible picks, they're on a separate page HERE. For my list of unread books, clicking this part of the sentence will take you there! Please take a peek and help me pair some books with this challenge! And let me know if you want to buddy read something, I would love to chat and fangirl alongside you :)


Two bookish and two blogging goals. If I have too many things going on, I get overwhelmed and will fall back into old habits. Here's to staying motivated and keeping the laziness far, far away!

What is something you hope to accomplish this year?
Which books are you hoping to get to in 2017?


  1. My boyfriend and I totally use the word "potato" as a verb too, ha! It's literally what we do on most weekends because we are so burnt out after working full time all week (the struggle is so, so real). I hope you are able to find more reading time this year and achieve your goals!

  2. Awesome goals!! I need to tidy up my blog too! Excited for your new blog features!

  3. Yay for a new year and new goals! I definitely feel you on the TBR. I'm also participating in Rock My TBR, and hoping to get mine down to 30 books or less. It's definitely doable (if I stick to my guns). I also realized recently that I have a lot of blog maintenance to do, since many of my pages are also outdated. Here's to hoping we both accomplish all our goals!

  4. I am also trying the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge this year mostly to expand the types of books I read. And also I need to read more this year I only read about 20 books last year (mostly bc I went back to school and did not have much time to read). Good luck with all of your goals.