Wednesday, January 11, 2017

4 Bookish + Blogging Goals for 2017

Happy New Year, friends! I can't believe it's already the beginning of another year ... time is going by too quickly. I always feel like I have so much to do, rushing from one thing to the next. This year, I want to slow down and BREATHE. It's okay if I don't complete every single thing on my to-do list. It's okay if I skip a day of reading. It's okay if I need to potato. (More on that later.) To keep things simple, I've decided to only focus on four goals. I hope to include updates during each seasonal recap in the future!

This year, I would like to ...

Average one book a week, not including comics/graphic novels.
This one is a stretch, especially since I only read 36 books in 2016. (I worked full-time for almost the entire year, so finding time to read was tough.) However, I really want to challenge myself this year. Instead of being a potato all the time, I want to reach for a book. Note: there is NOTHING wrong with being a potato. In fact, I highly recommend it on days you are burnt out. I potato'ed yesterday night and I'm feeling extra energized today. Being a potato is exactly why this post made it to your screen today :)

Start a new feature or two on this blog!
I've had a lot of ideas tucked away in my little brain, but following through with any of them has been difficult. It'll take hours of planning but I know it will stretch my creativity, and that is something I need this year.

Tidy up this blog.
I'VE SAID IT. I know amarisafloria is a total mess — my "reviews" list isn't updated, my "about" page is outdated, and my features don't have a main hub. I have neglected my place on the internet for a long time. Now to figure out where to start ...

Fulfill the #RockMyTBR and POPSUGAR reading challenges.
I am committing to two challenges this year! It's a little strange since I decided to stay away from challenges in 2016, but my reading habits didn't change. So this year, I'm going big. Kinda.

For me, the purpose of the #RockMyTBR challenge, hosted by Sarah K. at The Book Traveler, will be to lower the amount of books I own but have not read. There are currently 211 unread books on my shelf (I KNOW ... I AM SO EMBARRASSED) and my goal is to read 61 books. This means that I want my TBR pile (TBR meaning "to be read") to be no more than 150 books by 2018. One day, it will be zero. Hopefully. But for now, I will be happy with 150!

To spice things up a tiny bit, I am pairing the books I own with a corresponding task in the POPSUGAR reading challenge. If you're interested in seeing my possible picks, they're on a separate page HERE. For my list of unread books, clicking this part of the sentence will take you there! Please take a peek and help me pair some books with this challenge! And let me know if you want to buddy read something, I would love to chat and fangirl alongside you :)


Two bookish and two blogging goals. If I have too many things going on, I get overwhelmed and will fall back into old habits. Here's to staying motivated and keeping the laziness far, far away!
What is something you hope to accomplish this year? On a scale from 1-10, how good are you at following through with the goals you make? Which books are you hoping to get to in 2017?


  1. My boyfriend and I totally use the word "potato" as a verb too, ha! It's literally what we do on most weekends because we are so burnt out after working full time all week (the struggle is so, so real). I hope you are able to find more reading time this year and achieve your goals!

  2. Awesome goals!! I need to tidy up my blog too! Excited for your new blog features!

  3. Yay for a new year and new goals! I definitely feel you on the TBR. I'm also participating in Rock My TBR, and hoping to get mine down to 30 books or less. It's definitely doable (if I stick to my guns). I also realized recently that I have a lot of blog maintenance to do, since many of my pages are also outdated. Here's to hoping we both accomplish all our goals!

  4. I am also trying the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge this year mostly to expand the types of books I read. And also I need to read more this year I only read about 20 books last year (mostly bc I went back to school and did not have much time to read). Good luck with all of your goals.