August Recap → I have a husband now + going back to school?!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Joe and I got married the first weekend of August!!! I'm going to try my best to put up a post detailing everything. But right now, I'm so relieved to not have to think about anything wedding-related anymore. (Aside from our thank you cards, which will probably take us a long while to write ... but we have time!)

We left for our honeymoon two days later and visited Paris, Milan, Rome, London, and Walt Disney World! Let's just say I'll be sharing so many pictures in September :p

I started working again the day after we got back—I'm now an aide at a public library! I've been there since the middle of July and it's something I wanted to do in addition to my freelance work. Also, I decided to go back to school to get a masters in library and information science to become a librarian! I submitted my application the weekend we got back and now I'll be going back to school in January. Thankfully, it's an online program so I can learn from the comfort of my own home and still continue working at the library. It's kind of funny because I told myself I didn't want to go back to school when I graduated four years ago ... but if it's to be a librarian, I'm more than willing to. I know it's going to be a lot of work, but I'm really excited. Writing this down so when I'm drowning in papers, I can come back and check myself 😂


ONE book read // 355 pages

I knew I wanted to read To All the Boys I've Loved Before before watching the movie, so I brought it with me on our honeymoon. But I actually finished it when we got back, mostly because one of our friends LOVED the movie and he wanted to talk about it 😂


Lost in Japan - Shawn Mendes
Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B) - Maroon 5
2002 - Anne-Marie
Homesick - Dua Lipa
Say Amen (Saturday Night) - Panic! At The Disco
Dying in LA - Panic! At The Disco
The Way I Am - Charlie Puth
Boo'd Up - Ella Mai
Enemies - Lauv
no tears left to cry - Ariana Grande
God is a woman - Ariana Grande


Tell me about your August/summer highlights!

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