Our Favorite Wedding Photos

Monday, October 15, 2018

Joseph and I got married in San Ramon, California earlier this August, and I'm so happy to be sharing some of the photos from that day with all of you! Enjoy 🤗

Joe picked out my engagement ring all on his own! I knew I wanted something unique with a vintage feel, and he did an excellent job. I went with a simple wedding band so it could stand out.

This wooden bridge was the perfect "first look" location, but my gown and veil got caught every time I moved. Luckily, you can't see any of the splinters on me but it was hard to ignore.

I took this seating chart idea from a wedding featured on Ruffled and just changed up the colors. The rose gold wall grid is from Amazon (I originally bought a larger one from Urban Outfitters but it was delivered bent out of shape) and I used the Uni Posca Paint Marker in 0.7mm to write all the guest names. It splatters a bit, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you're going for that effect. For the table names (they're all musicals!) I used the Uni Posca Paint Marker in 1.8~2.5mm.

It took me so long to write everything—I had to start over many times because the guest names weren't centered (and I ended up allowing some of them to be off-centered because I was getting tired)—but I love how it looks together. I wish it was hung from the ceiling instead of laying on the easel, but don't ask me how that would work 😂

The table cards were supposed to be displayed in little log holders (you can kind of see them in the picture below) but I think it would've been hard for our guests to read. Either way, the tables still look good!

This doughnut wall was another DIY project that Joe helped me with! We purchased all of our supplies from Home Depot (white pegboard + dowels) and sawed the dowels into pegs at the store. Joe's groomsmen were at our house the day before our wedding to help us finish preparing and they smoothed the pegs with sandpaper. We're so blessed to call them friends—they didn't complain one bit and kept asking, "what's next?" Our day wouldn't have been as beautiful without them.

I had to tuck my veil between my elbow and body right before walking down the aisle because there was a rose bush nearby, and I forgot to release it! I was trying too hard to keep from crying. (I still cried.) That's why you still see it sandwiched in the picture (left) above. It doesn't look too obvious though ... hopefully :p

If you're wondering what I'm saying in the picture (left) above ... "LOOK! The doughnuts!" If you recall that beautiful wall of doughnuts—there wasn't a single one left when we walked into the reception so we didn't get to see it in person! Luckily, our day-of coordinator asked us which ones we wanted so she could save us some. Bless her soul. But the sad part is that I didn't even finish mine 😭

I think the photo above (left) is my most favorite one from this set! Everything looks and feels natural, which is so hard to achieve, strangely enough, when people are watching.

One of our friends made our cake (you can see her other creations by searching @kneadandnourish on Instagram!) and she's actually in this picture. Well, half of her is 😆

Joe's sister was so kind as to choreograph our first dance. To stay with the musical theme, I chose "Can I Have This Dance" from High School Musical 3. And it turned out so well, our guests loved it! I can't wait to see what it looks like on video. We both agree that this was our best run-through, which is such a relief. What you don't see pictured: so many sweat and tears (from me) while practicing our dance. There was no rehearsal I came away with dry eyes. Neither of us are dancers, but Joe caught on a lot quicker than I did so his patience was definitely tested. If you truly want to know how much you love your partner, learn a dance together ... haha.

I was originally going to keep my gown on for the whole night, but practicing our dance was already difficult wearing workout clothes. So I bought this dress from BHLDN four days before! (I do not recommend last minute shopping.) It took one night to ship and my mom helped me alter the bottom since it was too long for me. Luckily, the material made it easy to do so with scissors. But my maid of honor had to trim more off the night before since I kept stepping on it during our last minute practice.

Okay, but why is my left hand like that? 😂

Photographer: Danya Chen Photography
Venue: The Bridges Golf Club
Dresses: Oleg Cassini (gown) + BHLDN
Bridesmaids' dress: Weddington Way
Earrings: Marchesa


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