Reading Statistics of 2018

Monday, January 28, 2019

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Number of re-reads: 1
Number of books read: 35 (this includes comics, graphic novels, and one picture book)
Number of pages read: 9,293

Shortest book read: James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl (113 pages)
Longest book read: The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken (488 pages)

Average number of books per month: 2.5
Average number of pages per month: 752 pages
Average pages per book: 310 pages

Number of new-to-me authors: 15 (this doesn't include any of the authors in the anthology I read)

Most books and pages read in a month: March — 5 books // 1,643 pages
Least books and pages read in a month: February and July tied with 0 books 🙈

Average number of pages per month: 802 pages

As expected, most of my books were from the library. It's so easy to browse their catalog for new releases, and I'd much rather borrow than buy. (But on some occasions, I will pre-order!) I'm hoping I can read more from my shelves this year, but I won't be disappointed if the majority comes from the library again. I'll be reading more 2019 releases this year, so I expect my data to stay roughly the same.

I've been loving ebooks more and more because it's portable and easy to access. I wrote a post about four years ago on why I love ebooks and why you should try them, and almost everything still rings true! (Except for the fact that they are so much more expensive now, but I usually borrow them for free on Overdrive through my library.) The only reason why I mostly read in physical form is because there's a visual representation of how far I've read, and that's motivating to me. I predict I'll be listening to a lot more audiobooks in 2019 because I enjoy doing so for my non-fiction reads.

I love YA, as you probably already know, but I want to work on reading more adult fiction! There are many of them I want to get to, but I am so INTIMIDATED 🤦🏻‍♀️

This chart includes both fiction and non-fiction, so that's the reason why the adult chunk is larger than I thought.

I got nothing to say about this chart, I just thought it would be interesting to look at :p

Most read genre: Contemporary (11 books)

I wanted to include the genres I didn't read to make myself aware and better my efforts this year. My strategy, now that I've been able to test it out a little this month, is to sandwich all my reads with contemporary novels! It's my favorite genre, as you can probably see from this chart, and it's one I can easily jump into. Also, moving forward, I definitely want to read more historical fiction and literary fiction this year. So I'll be adjusting my future TBRs with this in mind!


Number of books read that are part of a series: 10
Number of standalone books read: 20

Eight of the ten "series" books I managed to read were first installments, so I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't finish any of the ones I'm in the middle of. This is a big reason why one of my goals this year is to finish five series. I'm actually hoping to complete more, but I want to keep things practical. And it doesn't matter how many standalones I read in comparison, I just want to be more mindful of finishing series before starting new ones.

Average star rating: 4.4 stars

I am so surprised at this because I felt like I rated a lot of books around 3-3.5 stars! The chart above represents all 35 books I read (including graphic novels, comics, and picture books) but I did not include those in my average star rating. That one only includes full length novels. For this year, I think I will track graphic novels/comics separately, since my rating scale differs greatly.

I guess I actually shouldn't be surprised at my average star rating because 1) I'd say I was easygoing, and 2) I was more intentional with the books I chose to read. Instead of picking up something random, which I have done in the past couple of years ... I mean, I still did it from time to time. But not as often as before!


Now that I have a dedicated spreadsheet for tracking these stats this year, I'm excited to see how 2019 will compare!

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