September 2014 Happenings

Monday, September 1, 2014

I really can't believe that it's practically FALL. It definitely doesn't feel or look like fall (no air conditioning in my apartment + not being able to open any windows = death), so I am desperately awaiting the day that I can start wearing combat boots again.

I like the idea of sharing my plans for September, so here are some books I'm hoping to read, books I'm looking forward to seeing in its physical form, and goals for the month!


I don't want to call this a September TBR because I KNOW for a fact that once I do, I'm going to read everything that is not on this list. So instead of that, I'll just give you a general idea of what I'm planning to read. That way I won't feel as guilty if I end up reading something else :p ("TBR" just sounds too final to me and I'm terrible at commitment.)

Eric from Quirk Books was asking for bloggers to review Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix, so I immediately tweeted back and this came in the mail! I love Ikea, so this being similar to their catalogs sent a signal to my brain that I must read this. I'm not a fan of horror/scary books, but I decided to give this a chance because IKEA.

Booksplosion, a book club on YouTube, is planning to read Rumble by Ellen Hopkins so I decided to jump in. I haven't read anything by Ellen yet, but I read the description and thought it would be quite interesting. I've only tuned in to one liveshow (for We Were Liars) but I like hearing what other people think of something I've read.

I stopped by my school library this past week and immediately picked up Take a Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg because 1) I recognized her name and 2) I liked the cover. I have no idea what it's about (although it looks like the main character may be a singer!) but sometimes you just need a girly book.

I was lucky enough to win a copy of Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin (thank you, Fierce Reads!) so I'll be reading and reviewing this in the near future. And YES, this is the same Ann M. Martin who wrote the Baby-Sitter's Club series!


I think my only goal for September is to finish Salt & Storm by Kendall Kulper. It's not a terrible book, but I've been reading the thing for ages and I just need to move on!

What are you hoping to read this month? Which new releases are you most excited for?
What are your plans for September?


  1. Oh Winterspell is coming out this month! I've forgotten! This sounds like a great planned reading list Amaris, I hope you get to read them all! This is probably very late, but I just saw that you have a new blog design and I wanted to say how lovely it looks - simple and eye-catching with great colors!

  2. Horrorstor looks fun! Winterspell sounds awesome!

  3. I need to check out Rain Reign. Growing up, I went through a time when I would only read the Babysitter's Club books, LOL

  4. I loved the Baby-Sitters Club series! That was my main thing to check out from the library when I was younger (plus Nancy Drew). I'll have to check out Rain Reign. I'm also looking forward to Afterworlds and Falling into Place.

  5. No AC in your apartment? I'd have been dead a very long time ago. I hope fall comes quickly for you! I haven't heard of Take a Bow, but I want it now! Ohhhhh, I NEED Winterspell! It's just so pretty!

  6. Yes! Isn't the cover of Winterspell beautiful?! No, it's never late, thank you! I hope you've been reading a lot of good books recently :)

  7. I'm about to start Horrorstor! It looks exactly like an Ikea catalog :p

  8. LOL! I only read one and it was shiny. It's still on my parents' bookshelves in the living room :p

  9. Looking through the book, I think it's a middle grade story! Have you read anything recently that you really enjoyed?

  10. Nope, and I live on the third floor! I live in California so it should cool down fairy soon ... hopefully! I saw that you added Take a Bow to your Goodreads TBR! I'm so happy that I got YOU to add something to your list!!! Haha :p

  11. I've been experiencing a bit of a slump, though I did really enjoy Etiquette & Espionage recently.