5 Truths: Habits I Need To Break

Monday, November 11, 2013

You probably don't see many blog posts around here about problems, but I thought it would be interesting and humbling to type up some habits that I need to (and should) break. Although there are SO many more things I can list, here are a handful that I shouldn't do but keep doing just because I may or may not be able to stop:

1. Peel/cut my cuticles
I know, I know, this is gross but unfortunately true. I just can't help it. Yes, something is wrong with me. And yes, my fingers feel like they are on fire sometimes.

2. Keep tissues in random pockets and then do laundry
I just did the laundry last Friday and found bits of tissue stuck to every single item. It's funny because I checked every single pocket except one and it happened to be that one with the tissue. I guess I should start throwing my tissues away.

3. Snooze the alarm and/or not even waking up to it
Since I have a roommate who doesn't start class until 1:30 pm, I try to turn off my alarm almost immediately after it goes off so it doesn't wake her up. However, I'm someone who turns off her alarms while still sleeping (yes I have super powers) so that's a problem. I also set a bunch of alarms (7, 7:15, 7:30, 7:45, 8) ... as you can tell, it doesn't work out very well. Solution = get more sleep.

4. Buy alcohol when I don't even like it
I'll probably be the first person to admit that alcohol doesn't taste good. It might be because I have a huge sweet tooth and alcohol is just sour and bitter to me, but I haven't found anything that I fully enjoy. The sad thing is that I'll always try something new whenever I go out to happy hour with my fellow newspaper friends, but I never choose the right drinks ...

5. Tell people I'll email them but never do it
I have a friend from preschool that I still talk to (hi Mel!) and I told her that I would email her at the beginning of the school semester. I eventually got to it, but it was about three months late. Oops. I should probably stop pretending to make time for it and just do it.

As you can tell, I have many problems. Maybe I'll make one of these a resolution and start working on it now :p

What is one habit you need to break?


  1. I do the same thing with my alarms! :D The worst is when my first class is voluntary and my morning sleepy mind decides to skip it, even when I actually want to go there :/ :D

  2. I definitely do #5... I always intend to catch up with people via email and then I somehow manage to procrastinate for months! One bad habit I'm trying to break is not cleaning out my handbag regularly... the amount of stuff I accumulate inside over the course of one week is insane!