A Weekend Getaway (Part I: Food)

Monday, November 18, 2013

As you may have observed from my previous post, I took a quick trip to the Disneyland area with my boyfriend to relax and watch the new "World of Color — Winter Dreams" show. Throughout our whole trip, we ate a LOT of food.

A good 50% of our time was spent consuming these delicious meals :p

Even though we arrived a little after dinner time on Thursday, we went out to eat at Boiling Point with Lisa, one of my very best friends. I got the Thai Flavor Hot Soup (above) and both the food and soup was incredibly delicious. Just looking at it right now makes me wish I could have it again right now. If you are ever around the Los Angeles area, give it a try.

Not only does Lisa pick the best places to eat, but she makes some pretty darn good food. Just imagine this: you're sleeping as much you can before the alarm rings at nine. You wake up and get ready. You're hungry, but you anticipate a McDonalds meal at most for breakfast. But WAIT. Your best friend tells you she made you and your boyfriend some breakfast. And not just cereal and fruit. This is five-star stuff, guys. See for yourself!

I am really blessed by the best and am still jumping for joy that I was so lucky to even eat these meals.

On the same day of the eggs-in-a-basket breakfast, Joe and I had lunch at Wine Country Trattoria in California Adventure. The shrimp in my pasta was the best shrimp I ever had — it was a little crunchy and cooked to perfection. We also did a little wine tasting because we're classy like that. (Ha ha ha.)

For dinner, we ate garlic fries, cinnamon beignets, and a DELICIOUS banana split from Ghirardelli — complete with little pineapples. It always works out perfectly because my boyfriend likes chocolate and I like vanilla. And then we destroy the middle strawberry section together. Quite the dinner, huh?

On Saturday, we had dessert at Milk! We had to have it for ourselves after hearing so many good things about it. I got a thai tea ice cream sandwich while he got a "grasshopper," which is just mint chocolate chip. We thought the macaron part was a little stale, but it's probably because we visited later in the day. I love that you can see the people making the macaron part in the back of the store!

On our last night, we had AYCE (all you can eat) Korean BBQ at Cham Sut Gol in Garden Grove. We had 4-5 plates of bulgogi and a lot of other meat ... I definitely had at least two food babies after that meal! I hope these pictures make you hungry :)

When was the last time you had a weekend getaway?

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