May 2015 Recap

Saturday, June 13, 2015

May was quite the month! I accepted an offer to intern at a publishing house in New York, moved out of the apartment I shared with three other girls, and said goodbye to the job I started in the beginning of April. There were a lot of things going on, but I was able to set aside time to be with friends and enjoy the time I had left before I flew across the country for the summer.

  • I have a friend who hosts a festival every year, and I helped out this time around by running a free gift-wrapping booth. There weren’t a ton of people who bought things, but it was great just being there and seeing/hearing all the talents on stage whenever I had the chance to move around.
  • My family and I don’t always get together often, but all five of us (plus my boyfriend) were able to celebrate Mother’s Day at a nice restaurant. These rare occasions make it all the more special!
  • Spending time with Melissa (a friend from PRESCHOOL!) is also very rare. We both had a free day so we decided to have dinner and hit up our usual dessert place. She’s also a reader, which has been GREAT because I’ve been recommending books to her — I’m fairly sure she loved Open Road Summer and Anna and the French Kiss!
  • On my last Sunday at home, my boyfriend drove an hour to see me and share a nice dinner by the bay. We like to have fancy days once in a while :)



Liked: 99 Days by Katie Cotugno
Was Okay With: In Real Life by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang

Number of books and pages read in May: 2 // 559 pages
Number of books and pages read in 2015: 24 // 6772 pages


  • Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi (Book Talk) - This took me a while to compile because I had so much to say but I wanted to be somewhat coherent. I finished this in one sitting and it was such a great book. LOVED the trilogy!



Did you do anything exciting in May? What was your favorite book of the month? Do you have any plans for the rest of June?


  1. May was a crazy busy month for me! I had family & friends over to stay, and to top it off, it ended with the rush of craziness and fun that is BEA. June is looking low-key next to that, but I'm loving the R&R and quality time with my husband :) Good luck with the internship in NYC! Maybe we can meet up sometime.

  2. Thank you, Alexa! I wish I could've been in NYC earlier to attend BEA, but I'm glad you got to go! I'm sure it was exciting :) And it's always nice to follow a busy/crazy month with a relaxing one. I hope you enjoy the time you get with your husband!