Friday, June 19, 2015

The Weekend Line-Up #3: Daughter of Deep Silence, Orphan Black, and Walk the Moon

The Weekend Line-Up is a mash-up of all the things I plan to read/watch/listen to during my upcoming weekend. This feature will pop up randomly, like that top in your closet you forgot you bought a month ago.

Hi everyone! I am really thankful to not have to work on Fridays this summer. I have been spoiled all throughout college by only having classes four days a week, so the transition to working 40 hours a week for the previous two months was extremely tiring. Three-day weekends mean tons of time to explore, so I'm hoping to visit a museum some time in the next few days. But it also means free time to relax and catch up on entertainment :p

Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan
I found this while browsing The Strand (in Manhattan) last week and am really excited to read it. Plotting and revenge are two things I would be absolutely terrible at, but there’s something about it (when executed well) that interests me. Good things have been said about Ryan’s zombie novel, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, so I’m hoping Daughter of Deep Silence is just as enjoyable. There hasn't been a lot of buzz about this one, so I'm glad I get to experience it with no expectations.

Orphan Black (Season 1)
I haven't watched a show in ages, so I thought I would start something that a ton of people have been raving about. I've been digging science fiction recently — hopefully this is what I'm looking for! I have no doubt I'll fall into the black hole (a.k.a. spend the whole day on my bed, in my pajamas, clicking "Next Episode" until I've completed them all ...)

Talking is Hard • Walk the Moon
Ever since I came across Walk the Moon on Pandora last fall, I have been meaning to give their entire 2014 album a listen. I do love Shut Up and Dance though, and I was that girl who put it on repeat for days ... so it is TIME to do that with another one of their songs! Hehe. I guess I would describe their sound as indie pop rock? Like 80's or 90's music. If you like listening to Walk the Moon, which similar artists would you recommend?

What are you hoping to read or watch this weekend? Are you into Orphan Black or Walk the Moon? What's the last show you binge-watched?

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