4 x 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


2013 was such a crazy year, but I'm super excited for 2014 and all the events that will accompany it. I already did a little reminiscing back in my 2013 recap post, so feel free to head there to see a picture with Minnie and me (a proud moment, yes.)

I love the idea of making goals, but keeping and completing them may be a different story. My brain thinks that if I share them with the Internet, there may be a better chance that I'll think about them more often. So here are four of my goals :)

1. Be consistent with my Q&A a Day book
I am terrible at being committed to anything, but something as little as answering a question every day may help build toward the bigger things (for example, with finishing big projects and such.) I love this little book and have had it for a year now, but I only answered about half the questions. I hope to fill out more this year so future me can look back and read what I did or what I was thinking on certain days.

2. Maintain my blog and continue posting, but only when I'm happy with it
Although I have been blogging and moving around for well over four years, I created Afloria in 2013 and am so glad that I am sticking with it. I have always been afraid of what other people think of me, but Afloria has been such a great outlet to express what I love and talk to all of you about our similar favorites :) With that, I hope to continue posting the things I enjoy posting. I want to post at least once a week, but I want to be proud of the content I create.

3. Create and stick with an exercise routine
I used to be quite good at finding time to take a run throughout the week, but it stopped due to a busy school/work schedule. Since more of my classes this semester will start later, I want to get up a little earlier and run before I start my day. My main goal for this is to build endurance and keep my heart strong.

4. Drink less soda
I honestly cannot get through a day without drinking at least a cup of soda — I know, it's horrible! I cannot resist the bubbly feeling :( I'm not saying I'll never drink soda, but I want to be aware of how often I drink it and minimize the amount.

So there they are! I know some people are against goal-making, but I think it is necessary for improving and getting yourself to a place you want to be. I hope you guys had a great time ringing in the new year, whether it was out partying with your friends or staying at home with your family.

What is one goal you hope to keep throughout 2014?


  1. I'm not really making any goals right off the bat, because I'm awful at sticking to resolutions. This year I'm going to try to add in things as I go. For example, I started spinning this fall and now I'm going to try adding some karate to my exercise schedule.


  2. Happy New Years! These are all good goals. I shared a few of mine on my blog if you'd like to check them out!

  3. Great goals! I have no doubt that you can achieve these :D I love that your Q & A A Day book will help with bigger things like commitments in life. Happy New Year!