Unplug and Read: Update!

Friday, January 3, 2014

I have decided to drop the idea of monthly themes because I feel as if I'm forcing myself to read. I initially did it because I thought it would be fun to read books centered around the same genre, but I always ended up wanting to read something else. Although I change my mind way too often, it doesn't mean that I can't finish a book (I actually ZOOM through books if I want to read something new) — it's just that the order of the books I read may change depending on my mood or things I've recently discovered.

But fear not, Unplug and Read will still be happening in 2014! I'll have a large post at the end of each month discussing the books I've read, but I'll always mention the title of the book I'm reading before I start it on my Twitter. It'll be like a little sneak peek so you can read along :)

Thanks for understanding and stay tuned for my 2014 reading goals!

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  1. That sounds good :D I look forward to seeing these monthly posts!