Top 5 Favorite Snacks

Friday, January 17, 2014

Guys, I am a full-fledged snacker. Whenever I'm hungry, I tend to head toward snacks instead of grabbing a bigger meal. In hopes that you are somewhat like me and do this too, I decided to share my top five favorites (in no particular order!)


My entire college life pretty much revolves around this combination because it literally takes one minute to make. Buy a supersized tub of vanilla yogurt and a pack of Nature Valley Oats & Honey granola and I'm set for a good week. Throw in some fruit and I got myself a little mini-meal! I mostly choose strawberries and bananas, but I think I'm going to try peaches and raspberries in the near future.

A recent discovery has got me eating this non-stop. My boyfriend was moving out of his apartment and asked me to keep his peanut butter in my fridge. When he moved into his new place, he never took his peanut butter back. At the time, I was indifferent to peanut butter but I didn't want to throw it away so I decided to eat it with an apple. My life was changed so I think you need to try it too.

I bought guacamole from Trader Joe's solely for its name (I even took a picture of it) and had no chips, so pretzels it was.

Whenever I go to the movie theater, I always get popcorn. (Insert sound clip of people munchin' on popcorn in the silence between trailers at the movies.) The only exception is if I ate a meal before and have no room to eat anything. It usually ends up gone by the first ten minutes of a movie, haha. Eating popcorn is quite addicting and I think know I could win a popcorn-eating contest. I also eat microwave popcorn in my spare time so ... where do I sign up?

To be honest, I'm one of those people who just throw in whatever fruits I have/seem good together. It always ends up a surprise to me, but how bad can a smoothie really be if you add ice cream?

Do you buy popcorn at the movies? How much butter do you like in your popcorn?

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  1. Mmm yummy sounding snacks! I'm going to have to try out this guacamole and pretzels combination...hehe